Cloning and Expression

200 Liter Wave

DNA constructs can be generated from the native cDNAs of any desired species or tissue. Alternatively, genes can be designed and synthesized specifically for optimal expression in a selected expression system. Bio-Spring can accommodate specific requests for expression systems or can help in selecting the most appropriate expression system for any particular project. For example, it is often faster and most cost effective to use a bacterial expression system. However, the requirement for in vivo post-translational modification of your protein, or for proteins that do not fold well in bacterial expression systems, may require the use of other, more labor intensive expression systems. Expression systems currently supported include bacteria, yeast, insect cell, baculovirus and mammalian expression (both transient and stable). Expressions can be scaled from bench-scale to 100 liters for bacterial cultures and up to 100 liters for mammalian cultures.