Bio-Spring was founded by scientists with extensive experience in biotech.  We offer assistance with all phases of your product-development project in the areas of biopharmaceuticals, protein reagents, diagnostics, cosmetics and nutraceuticals, and industrial enzymes, among others.  Our operating philosophy is to provide customers with the knowledge, experience, and judgement at the level of interaction you’d expect from your own R&D organization. 

            Bio-Spring’s consulting services cover a wide swath of modern biotechnology.  For example, a few of our services include the prioritization and selection of therapeutic targets, DNA construct design and cloning, the design of screening experiments, the cloning and expression of recombinant proteins, the selection and design of unit operations, scale-down or scale-up of commercial production, and enabling and ensuring lot-to-lot consistency.  Bio-Spring can even help you engineer your new protein to accomplish specific goals, including increasing yields and efficacy, improving druggability, attenuating aggregation, and other such features. 

            On the downstream side, Bio-Spring can optimize unit operations such as extraction, refolding, and capture through dead–end filtration, ultrafitration/dialfiltration, resin screening, chromatographic condition and sequence selection, and polish chromatography.  We can also recommend improvements to existing or potential chromatography, filtration, and other equipment systems, as well as help you evaluate custom chromatography resins to suit the purification demands required for final product specifications.  And we can help you remove host and product-related contaminants to bring your product into the desired range. 

            One of Bio-Spring’s particular strengths is partnering closely and confidentially with clients in providing timely and relevant support for the project at hand.  We can perform as an integral member of your team to help develop novel products during all phases of the cloning, expression, purification, analysis, and formulation stages to ensure that you meet the required level of final bulk or FDF product quality. 

            What we don’t give you is the costly overhead from maintaining your own R&D facility for molecular biology and protein production.  If you need to do a quick proof-of-concept experiment, our resources are at your disposal. 

            Call us today to learn how we can help you!